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Automotive Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles for 1986 Buick Century V6-173 2.8L.

TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
86C8 AUG 86    Campaign - Piston Knock
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
00-00-89-027H JUL 14    Interior - Eliminating Unwanted Odors
05-06-04-035D MAY 14    Fuel System - E85 Fuel Usage Information
05-03-10-020E FEB 14    Tires - Nitrogen Gas Usage Information
PI0281D JAN 14    Body - Under Body Corrosion
10-08-110-001A NOV 13    Interior - Proper Use of Floor Mats
01-06-01-011H OCT 13    Engine - Oil Consumption Guidelines
99-08-51-001C FEB 13    Body - Paint-less Dent Repair Process
10-08-45-001D FEB 13    Electrical - Ground Repair Information
04-06-04-054E AUG 12    Engine - THIS BULLETIN HAS BEEN CANCELED
02-07-30-052H MAR 12    A/T - Fluid Oil Cooler Flow Test
06-08-64-001C DEC 11    Body - Side Window Chipping Information
04-07-30-037E APR 11    A/T - Dexron®(R)-VI Fluid Information
06-03-10-010A JUN 10    Wheels - Changing Procedures/Precautions
08-07-30-027 JUN 08    A/T - No Movement in Drive or 3rd Gear
06-06-04-035A FEB 08    Fuel System - E85 Fuel Usage Precaution
05-06-01-010B SEP 07    Engine - Sealant Usage/Procedures
07-08-45-002 SEP 07    Electrical - Aftermarket Fuse Warning
06-00-89-054 NOV 06    Warranty - Claims Submission
01-07-30-029 OCT 01    A/T - Core Return Product Feedback Form
00-06-04-021 MAY 00    EVAP System - Service of Connectors
99-00-84-021B APR 00    Warranty - GM Dealer Parts Procurement
99-09-40-008 JAN 00    Child Restraint - Auxiliary Seat Belt
99-08-42-009 NOV 99    IP Dimmer Control - Proper Setting
72-05-07 DEC 97    Engines - ACDelco Remanufactured
73-12-13 NOV 97    A/C - PureGuard 2 Operating Alert
310503C DEC 96    Warranty - Claim Processing
610111 NOV 96    Key Code - Information
ATRATB339 JAN 96    A/T - Harsh Forward Engagement
ATRATB301 JAN 95    A/T - 440T4/4T60 Late or No Upshift
310503A JAN 95    Warranty - Claims Processing
480502 AUG 94    Parts - Expediting Procedures
033206 MAR 94    P/S - Reduced Assist When Cold
ATRATB256 JAN 94    A/T - 440T4 Coast-Down Clunk
ATRATB179 JUL 93    A/T - THM Late or No Upshifts
ATRATB165 APR 93    A/T - 440T4 No Upshift/Wrong Gear
92113 JUN 92    A/C - Leak Test
9274T608 MAR 92    A/T - Harsh 3-2 Downshifts
ATRATB078 NOV 91    A/T - How To Use A Pressure Gauge
876E30 NOV 91    Engine - Chuggle At 35-45 MPH
ATRATB070 SEP 91    A/T - Early Upshift/No Kickdown
ATRATB067 AUG 91    A/T - 440T4 No Line Pressure Rise
9174T6012 MAY 91    A/T - New Band Assemblies
9173T404 FEB 91    A/T - 3T40 New Roller Clutch
ATRATB028 OCT 90    A/T - Engine Vacuum Testing
ATRATB017 JUL 90    A/T - 440T4 Wiring Schematics
9174402 JUL 90    A/T - 4T60 Oil Pan Bolt Leaks
ATRATB014 JUN 90    A/T - 440T4 2-3 Bind-Up/Slips
9074407A APR 90    A/T - Harsh Shift Conditions
ATRATB9002006 FEB 90    A/T - Choosing the Right ATF
90109 NOV 89    Carpet Inserts - Loose
ATRATB8930 OCT 89    A/T - Math Part II
ATRASIL8930 SEP 89    A/T - 440T4 Input Sprag Replacement
ATRATB8923 AUG 89    A/T - Math Formulas Part I
86510 JUL 89    Brakes - Longer Pedal Travel
8974408 JUN 89    A/T - Intermittent Loss of Drive
ATRASIL8838 NOV 88    A/T - THM 125C Sticking TCC Solenoids
88517 NOV 88    Brakes - Pulsation
ATRATB8844 OCT 88    A/T - 440T4 Harsh 3-2 Downshift
8774407A SEP 88    A/T - 1st-2nd Gear Shift Shudder
88821 SEP 88    Stop Light - Blown Fuse
ATRASIL8828 AUG 88    A/T - 440T4 Buzzing Noise
ATRATB8833 JUL 88    A/T - 440T4 Bind-Up In All Gears
ATRATB8834 JUL 88    A/T - Sprag Rotation
ATRATB8827 JUN 88    A/T - 440T4 Blowing Fuses
ATRATB8828 JUN 88    A/T - 440T4 Plastic Oil Lube Dam
ATRASIL8822 MAY 88    A/T - Cracked Flex Plate
8874406 APR 88    A/T - TCC Engages In 2nd Gear
881019 MAR 88    Interior - Cloth Disformation
ATRASIL886 FEB 88    A/T - 440T4 3rd Clutch Plate Change
ATRATB886 JAN 88    A/T - 125C Case Differences
ATRATB8754 SEP 87    A/T - Front Bushing Wear
ATRASIL8729 SEP 87    A/T - Supplement To ATRASIL8725
ATRATB8747 AUG 87    A/T - 440T4 Replacing Left Axle Seal
87618 AUG 87    HVAC Vacuum Reservoir - Noise
8771253A JUL 87    A/T - Harsh Gear Engagement
ATRATB8730 MAY 87    A/T - 125C, 440T4 No Upshift
ATRATB8717 MAR 87    A/T - 440T4 Slipping On 2-3 Shift
ATRATB874 JAN 87    A/T - 440T4 Delayed Engagement
866E21 JAN 87    Engine - Detonation or Chuggle
876E4 DEC 86    Fuel System - Fuel Additive
ATRATB8656 NOV 86    A/T - 125C Engine Dies In Gear
ATRATB8649 OCT 86    A/T - 125C Shifts 1-3 (Skips 2nd)
87102 OCT 86    Paint - Color Coat Chips Off
8624 AUG 86    Hood - High Release Effort
ATRASIL8615 JUL 86    A/T - 125C Throttle Valve Buzz
ATRATB8634 JUL 86    A/T - Pressure Tap Locations
ATRASIL867 MAY 86    A/T - 440T4 Supplemental Diagnosis
8671254 APR 86    A/T Throttle Valve - Buzz
ATRATB8613 MAR 86    A/T - 125/125C Forward Drum Cautions
ATRATB8612 MAR 86    A/T - Converter Clutch Shudder
8671253 MAR 86    A/T - Slipping in All Ranges
ATRASIL861 FEB 86    A/T - 440T4 Poor Shift Quality
ATRATB869 FEB 86    A/T - Governor Pressure Switches

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