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Automotive Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles for 1994 Dodge or Ram Truck 2500 4x2 Pickup L6-359 5.9L DSL Turbo.

TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
709 JAN 97    Recall - Steering Shaft
602 DEC 93    Recall - Seat Back Latch
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
31-005-11 NOV 11    Wheels - Reconditioned Wheel Usage
21-014-07 OCT 07    A/T - ATF + 4 Fluid Usage
24-009-02 OCT 02    A/C - System Leak Detection
08-025-01 NOV 01    Air Bag - On/Off Switches
08-010-01 MAY 01    Airbag/Clock Spring - Service
08-006-00A DEC 00    Wiring - Revised Splicing Procedure
23-19-00 MAY 00    Instrument Panel - Creak/Squeak
08-11-00 MAR 00    CD Player - CD Compatibility
21-10-98A SEP 98    M/T - 5Th Gear Inoperative
08-36-98 JUL 98    Auto Computers - Y2K Effects
18-06-98 FEB 98    Engine - Hard Starting Diagnosis
19-10-97 AUG 97    Steering Gear - Steering Wander
24-11-97 JUL 97    A/C Evaporator - Emits Odors
22-01-97 JUN 97    Tire and Wheel - Runout
07-03-97 MAY 97    Engine - Coolant Recommendations
23-27-97 MAY 97    Rear Window - Water Leaks
050996 OCT 96    Brakes - Noise Explanation
083296 OCT 96    Blower Motor Relay - Diagnosis
030496 AUG 96    Driveline - Launch Shudder
260796 JUL 96    Service Manual - Updates
020496 JUN 96    Lower Ball Joint - Replacement
240996 MAY 96    AC/Heat Knob - Replacement
231896 MAR 96    Clutch Pedal - Cuts Carpet
210595A JAN 96    A/T - Delayed Engagement
235295A OCT 95    Back Of Cab - Creaking Noise
212094 OCT 94    A/T - Fluid Level Checking
211994 SEP 94    A/T Governor - Delayed Upshift
083394 JUL 94    Fuel Gauge - Inaccurate
235094 JUL 94    Pick Up Box - Mounting Bolts
235194 JUL 94    Tailgate - Rattle
234994 JUL 94    Tailgate - Twisted/Warped
141194 MAY 94    Fuel Tank Strap - Nut Torque
233594 APR 94    Instrument Panel - Squeaks
233294 APR 94    Door - Fit At Roof Line
230894 JAN 94    Door/A Post - Wind Noise
080594 JAN 94    Radio - Poor AM Reception
182593 DEC 93    Diagnostic Manual - Revision
092193 DEC 93    Engine - Knocking When Cold
236793 DEC 93    Front Door/A Post - Wind Noise
236693 DEC 93    Pick Up Box Panel - Cracks
236493 NOV 93    Tailgate - Rattles Over Bumps
ATRATB191 OCT 93    A/T - Failsafe Modes
ATRATB078 NOV 91    A/T - How To Use A Pressure Gauge
ATRATB028 OCT 90    A/T - Engine Vacuum Testing
ATRATB9002006 FEB 90    A/T - Choosing the Right ATF
ATRATB8930 OCT 89    A/T - Math Part II
ATRATB8923 AUG 89    A/T - Math Formulas Part I
ATRATB8754 SEP 87    A/T - Front Bushing Wear

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ALLDATA has obtained this information from the original equipment manufacturers and others and ALLDATA believes it to be reliable. However, ALLDATA makes no warranty regarding the information, express or implied, and accepts no responsibility for the accurancy or completeness of the information provided.

In no event shall ALLDATA be liable for any damages arising from the use or misuse of this information, including, but not limited to, any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this information.

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