Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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  Steps 61 - 111  
  1. Install the crankshaft pulley.


  1. Install the center belt cover.


  1. NOTE: The valve cover gasket and the valve cover must be installed and the bolts tightened to specification within four minutes of sealant application.

NOTE: Apply a 3-mm (0.1-inch) bead of silicone sealant in two places where the front camshaft bearing cap meets the cylinder head.

Install the valve cover.


  1. Install the upper timing belt cover.


  1. NOTE: Inspect camshaft position sensor O-ring and install a new O-ring if necessary.

Install the camshaft position sensor (CMP sensor).


  1. Install the oil separator.
    • Install a new oil separator-to-cylinder block gasket.
    • Install the oil separator.


  1. Install the oil pressure sending unit.


  1. Install the knock sensor (KS).


  1. NOTE: Shown with fuel injection manifold removed for clarity.

Install the intake manifold.

  • Inspect the gaskets and install new gaskets as necessary.
  • Install the two nuts and the five bolts in the sequence shown.


  1. Install the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve hose.


  1. NOTE: Do not install upper right bolt at this time.

Install the ignition coil, wires, and bracket as an assembly.


  1. Connect the ignition wires to the spark plugs.


  1. Install the accelerator cable bracket.


  1. Install the thermostat housing.


  1. NOTE: Connect the harness to the valve cover.

Install the fuel charging wiring harness.

  • Install the screws.
  • Connect the fuel injectors.


  1. Connect the variable camshaft timing oil control solenoid.


  1. Connect the knock sensor.


  1. Connect the idle air control (IAC) valve electrical connector.


  1. Install the throttle body.


  1. Connect the throttle position and fuel pressure sensors.
    • Connect the connectors to the bracket.
    • Connect the vacuum hose.


  1. Install the crankcase ventilation hose assembly.


  1. Connect the harness.
    • Install the strap.


  1. Connect the ignition coil and the sensors.


  1. Install the crankshaft and temperature sensors.


  1. Install the water bypass tube.


  1. Install the exhaust manifold.


  1. Install the heat shield.


  1. Install the A/C compressor bracket.


  1. Install the power steering pump bracket.


  1. NOTE: Add sealer to dipstick tube where the lip contacts the block.

Install the dipstick tube.


  1. NOTE: Do not install the bolt located behind the power steering pressure line fitting.

Install the power steering pump and bolt.


  1. Install the Teflon seals on the power steering hose fittings.


  1. Install the power steering pressure hose.


  1. Install the lower radiator hose.


  1. Install the generator bracket.


  1. Install the generator.


  1. Install the oil filter.


  1. Install the lifting eye.


  1. NOTE: Inspect the O-ring, clean or install a new O-ring as required.

Install the coolant pump.


  1. NOTE: Use the strap wrench to keep the pulley from turning.

Install the coolant pump pulley.


  1. Install the lifting eye.


  1. Remove the engine from the engine stand.


  1. Install the crankshaft position (CKP) sensor and bushing.


Vehicles with manual transmission

  1. If the pilot bearing was removed, use (A) pilot bearing replacer and (B) driver handle and install the (C) transaxle input shaft pilot bearing.


All vehicles

  1. NOTE: Lubricate the crankcase flange and the crankshaft rear oil seal bore with super premium motor oil or equivalent prior to installing the crankshaft rear seal or damage to the crankshaft rear seal may occur.

Using the special tools, install a new crankshaft rear seal.


  1. Install the dowels and the spacer(s).


  1. NOTE: Apply thread lock and sealer or equivalent to flywheel-to-crankshaft bolt threads before installation.

NOTE: Manual shown, automatic similar.

Install the flywheel or flexplate, and the flywheel locking tool.


  1. NOTE: Manual shown, automatic similar.

Torque the flywheel or flexplate bolts in sequence to specification.


Vehicles with manual transmission

  1. Using the special tool, position the clutch disc onto the flywheel.


  1. NOTE: If reusing clutch pressure plate and flywheel, align marks made during removal.

Position the clutch pressure plate on the flywheel and install the pressure plate bolts and tighten them in sequence to specification.


All vehicles

  1. Remove flywheel locking tool.