Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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  Tools and Equipment  

Diagnostic Tools
Below is an equipment list with corresponding part numbers:

  • Rotunda Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS) 418-F224 or scan tool with functionality described under Scan Tool Set-up and Functionality.
  • Rotunda EEC-IV 60-Pin Breakout Box 418-005 (014-00322) or equivalent.
  • Rotunda Evaporative Emission System Tester 310-F007 (134-00056) or equivalent.


  • Rotunda EEC-V 104-Pin Breakout Box 418-049 (014-00950) or equivalent.
  • Rotunda Vacuum/Pressure Tester 164-R0253 or equivalent. Range 0-101.3 kPa (0-30 in-Hg.) Resolution 3.4 kPa (1 in-Hg.)
  • Rotunda Vacuum Tester 014-R1054 or equivalent. Range 0-101.3 kPa (0-30 in-Hg.)
  • Rotunda Engine EAR Amplifier 107-R2100 or equivalent.
  • Rotunda 73 III Automotive Meter 105-R0057 or equivalent. Input impedance 10 Megaohm minimum.
  • Rotunda Electronic Ignition (EI) System Tester (Distributor/less Ignition System Tester) 418-F024 (007-00075) or equivalent.
  • Dist Integrated EDIS Cable Option 418-F039 (007-00110) or equivalent.
  • Series 100 Engine/Ignition Analyzer 010-01060 or equivalent.
  • Spark Tester D81P-6666-A or equivalent.
  • Non-powered Test Lamp.


  • Rotunda Auxiliary Adapter 418-F007 (007-00023) or equivalent.
  • Rotunda Pressure/Vacuum Adapter 418-F006 (007-00022) or equivalent.
  • Rotunda Fuel (Gasoline) pressure test kit 134-R0087 or equivalent (Use tool manufacturer's instructions. For specific applications, refer to Engine).
  • Rotunda Fuel Composition Test Kit 014-00770.
  • Fuel Injector Tester/Cleaner 164-R3759 or equivalent.
  • Rotunda NG Tool Kit 134-00114 or equivalent.