Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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Pinpoint Tests Information

General Information

A: Yellow ABS Warning Indicator on With System Pass

AB: C1169 Excessive Dump Time (Built After 11/30/00)

B: C1095 - Pump Motor Shorted

C: C1096 - Pump Motor Open

D: C1115 - Shorted Antilock Relay

E: C1140 - Excessive Dump Time Fault

F: C1145, C1155 - Front Sensor (Static)

F: C1169 - Excessive Dump Time

G: C1148/C1234, C1158/C1233 - Front Sensor (Dynamic)

H: C1165, C1175 - Rear Sensor (Static)

J: C1168/C1235, C1178/C1236 - Rear Sensor (Dynamic)

K: Code 7 - No Isolation Solenoid During Self-Check

K: C1184/C1222 - Excessive ABS Isolation, Wheel Speed Error

L: C1185 - Open Antilock Relay

M: C1169 Excessive Dump Time

M: C1169 Excessive Dump Time (Built pre 11/30/00)

M: C1198/C1200, C1214/C12116, C1250/C1252, or C1254/C1256

N: C1194/C1196, C1210/C1212, C1242/C1244, or C1246/C1248

P: C1220 - Yellow ABS Warning Indicator Shorted

Q: B1318 - No/Low Voltage to ABS Control Module

R: No Communication With the Module