Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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  NVH Condition and Symptom Categories  

Operating Condition-Vehicle is Not Moving

  1. Static operation
  1. While cranking
1 Grinding or whine, differential ring gear or starter motor pinion noise. GO to Symptom Chart - Engine Noise/Vibration. See: Symptom Charts\Engine Noise/Vibration
2 Rattle. Exhaust hanger, exhaust heat shield or A/C line noise. GO to Symptom Chart - Squeak and Rattle. See: Symptom Charts\Squeak and Rattle
3 Vibration. Acceptable condition.
  1. At idle
  1. During gear selection
1 Vehicle parked on a steep incline. Acceptable noise.
2 Vehicle parked on a flat surface. GO to Symptom Chart - Driveline Noise/Vibration. See: Symptom Charts\Driveline Noise/Vibration
3 Vehicle with a manual transmission. GO to Symptom Chart - Transmission (Manual) and Transfer Case Noise/Vibration. See: Symptom Charts\Transmission (Manual) Noise/Vibration

Operating Condition-Vehicle is Moving

  1. Depends more on bow the vehicle is operated
1 Speed related
2 Acceleration
3 Turning noise. GO to Symptom Chart - Steering Noise/Vibration. See: Symptom Charts\Steering Noise/Vibration
4 Braking.
5 Clutching.
6 Shifting
7 Cruising speeds
8 Driving at low/medium speeds
  1. Depends more on where the vehicle is operated
1 Bump/pothole, rough road or smooth road. GO to Symptom Chart - Suspension Noise/Vibration. See: Symptom Charts\Suspension Noise/Vibration