Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
Vehicle » Testing and Inspection » Symptom Related Diagnostic Procedures » 5: Road Test » Neutral Coast Down Speed Test  
  Neutral Coast Down Speed Test  

To carry out this test, proceed as follows:

  • Drive at a higher rate of speed than where the concern occurred when carrying out the Slow Acceleration Test.
  • Place the transmission in NEUTRAL and coast down past the speed where the concern occurs.
  • The concern is vehicle speed-related if duplicated while carrying out this test. This eliminates the engine and the torque converter as sources.
  • If the concern was not duplicated while carrying out this test, carry out the Downshift Speed Test to verify if the concern is engine speed related. See: Downshift Speed Test
  • Proceed as necessary.