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  Electrical - Trailer Light Wiring Info.  

Classification: EL03-043H

Reference: NTB04-049H

Date: April 13, 2011


This bulletin has been amended. The Applied Vehicles have been updated. Please discard previous versions of this is bulletin.




This bulletin provides information to be shared with all affected customers.

^ This TSB contains the appropriate hookup points for connecting a trailer light wiring harness to the towing vehicle's electrical system.

^ The wiring diagrams contained in this bulletin are for Nissan vehicles that have trailer towing capability (see the owners manual) but do not have a Genuine Nissan accessory towing kit (with wiring) available.


^ When splicing into the vehicle electrical system, a power-type module/converter must be used to provide power for all trailer lighting. A power-type module/converter uses the vehicle battery as a direct power source for all trailer lights while using the vehicle taillight, stoplight, and turn signal circuits only as a signal source. (See the illustration above.) The module/converter must draw no more than 5 milliamps from the vehicle turn signal circuits and no more than 15 milliamps from the stop and tail light circuits.

Using a module/converter that exceeds these power requirements listed above may negatively affect the performance and function of the vehicle's electrical system.

See a professional trailer dealer or trailer rental agency for installation of the proper equipment.

Customers who inquire about towing should be reminded of the following:

^ Always check for correct operation of the turn signals, stoplights, and taillights every time a trailer is hitched up for towing.

^ The towing capacity for 350Z (Coupe Only), Altima, Maxima, and Sentra is 1,000 lbs.

For more information, refer customers to the Owner's Manual as well as the Nissan Towing Guide, available online at