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  iPod(R) - Charging With Nissan Interface System  

Classification: EL08-037

Reference: NTB09-003

Date: January 9, 2009

iPod(R) Charging with Nissan Interface System for iPod(R)

APPLIED VEHICLES: All Nissan with Nissan Interface System for iPod(R)
(factory installed or accessory installed)


Please be aware that a recent design change was made by Apple to their iPod(R) and iPhone(R) products. As a result of this change, some customers may report that their iPod(R)/iPhone(R) device does not charge while connected to the Nissan Interface System for iPod(R).

The Nissan Interface System for iPod(R) was designed to charge the customer's iPod(R) with a 12-volt power source, which has been supported by all Apple iPod(R) and iPhone(R) devices until the latest generation. After Apple's design change, these new devices only support charging via a 5-volt source, which the Interface System does not provide. Customers may see error messages on the device screen, or notice that the device's battery discharges while connected to their vehicle's interface system. Please note that while charging may not be supported playback and control through the vehicle's audio system are still available.

Compatible Devices:

All Apple devices that support charging via a FireWire(R) connection are compatible with the Nissan Interface System for iPod(R). These include:

^ iPod(R) Classic - 1st through 6th generation

^ iPod(R) Mini - 1st through 2nd generation

^ iPod(R) Nano - 1st through 3rd generation

^ iPod(R) Touch - 1st generation

^ iPhone(R) - 1st generation

Refer to the vehicle Owner's Manual for further Nissan Interface System Information.

Non-compatible devices (as of 12/8/2008):

^ iPhone(R)3G

^ iPod(R) Nano - 4th generation

^ iPod(R) Touch - 2nd generation

Nissan is working closely with Apple to ensure full compatibility with our future Interface Systems, but as Apple's change was made without adequate notification to Nissan, at this time there is no plan to modify the current Interface Systems for the 2009 model year.

Please make customers aware that there are products available in the aftermarket designed to reduce the 12V power source to 5V and should enable their device to charge while connected to their vehicle. A few examples are provided below, however, Nissan expects these types of aftermarket solutions to become even more widely available considering that Apple's change has impacted the charging ability of many automotive OEM's iPod(R) integration systems.

Aftermarket Solutions:

Nissan has not tested any of these aftermarket solutions and makes no endorsement, warranty, or guarantee of performance or compatibility for any specific third party accessory. These devices are advertised by their respective manufacturers to resolve 12V to 5V charging issues, but have not been designed for or tested with Nissan vehicles.

^ Scosche Passport -

^ Cablejive Charge Converter -

^ Ridax Charge Converter -

Customer Service:

For further questions and comments, customers may always feel free to contact Nissan Consumer Affairs at 1-800-647-7261.