Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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  Pedal Type  


PEDAL TYPE : Adjustment


  1. Remove rear wheel and tires. Refer to See: Maintenance\Wheels and Tires\Service and Repair.


  1. Insert a deep socket wrench onto adjusting nut. Rotate adjusting nut to fully loosen cable, and then release parking brake pedal.
  2. Secure disc rotor to hub using wheel nut so as not to tilt disc rotor.


  1. Remove adjuster hole plug installed on the disc rotor. Turn the adjuster in direction (A) using a suitable tool or a flat-bladed screwdriver as shown, until disc rotor is locked. Turn the adjuster in the opposite direction by 5 or 6 notches after locking.
  2. Rotate disc rotor to make sure that there is no drag. Install the adjuster hole plug.
  3. Adjust parking brake cable with the following procedure.
    1. Operate parking brake pedal 10 or more times with a full stroke of 194.3 mm (7.6 in) .
    2. Rotate adjusting nut to adjust parking brake pedal stroke using a deep socket wrench.
    3. Operate parking brake pedal with a force of 294 N (30 kg-f, 66 lb-f) , make sure the pedal stroke is within the specified number of notches. Check it by listening and counting the ratchet clicks.

Pedal stroke (number of notches) : Refer to See: Parking Brake Control\Specifications\Parking Brake Control.

    1. Make sure that there is no drag on the parking brake with the parking brake pedal completely released.