Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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  Wipers/Washers - L/H Wiper Arm Contacts Windshield  

Classification: BT09-065

Reference: NTB09-133

Date: November 19, 2009


APPLIED VEHICLES: 2009 Altima Sedan (L32)

APPLIED VINS: Canton-built vehicles only Example: 1N4(*)L21E(*)9 N (******)


When operated, the driver's side wiper arm is making contact with the windshield, causing a scraping/squealing noise.


Follow the Service Procedure to install two (2) of the corrosion-resistant washers listed in the Parts Information.

Use only the washers listed in the Parts Information below for this incident, if it should occur.





The purpose of "ACTION" (above) is to give you a quick idea of the work you will be performing. You MUST closely follow the entire Service Procedure as it contains information that is essential to successfully completing the repair.


1. Raise the hood.


2. Use a finesse stick to detach the two (2) wiper arm caps.


3. Use a grease stick to mark the location of each wiper arm on the windshield.

This is done to confirm correct placement during reinstallation.

4. Remove both wiper arms.

^ Use a 14mm socket to remove the bolts.

5. Remove the cowl top.

a) Use a finesse stick to pop off the four (4) cowl top tabs.


^ There are two (2) tabs on each side of the cowl top. The driver's side tabs are shown in Figure 3.


b) Pull off the three (3) clips underneath the cowl top.

Be careful to not drop the clips.


c) Gently pull back the driver's side cowl top side trim cover, and pull forward the cowl top.

^ Repeat this step on the passenger side.


d) Lift off the cowl top, making sure the seal (see Figure 6) remains in place.

6. Remove the strut brace.


a) Remove the 10 bolts and one (1) nut as shown in Figure 7.


b) Detach the two (2) wiper motor harness clips.

^ Squeeze together the lower prongs of the clips to detach.

7. Remove the wiper motor.


^ Remove the three (3) bolts as shown in Figure 9.

8. Install two (2) of the corrosion-resistant washers listed in the Parts Information.


^ Place the washers in the locations shown in Figure 10.

9. Reinstall the wiper motor.


^ Following the order shown in Figure 11, torque the three (3) bolts to 3.8-5.1 Nm (0.39-0.52 kg-m, 34-45 in-lb).

10. Reattach the two (2) wiper motor harness clips.

11. Reinstall the strut brace.

^ Torque the 10mm bolts to 27-33 Nm (2.8-3.4 kg-m, 19.9-24.3 ft-lb).

^ Torque the 13mm bolts to 35 Nm (3.6 kg-m, 25.8 ft-lb).

12. Reinstall the cowl top.


^ Make sure to not kink or bind the washer hose attachment.

13. Reinstall the wiper arms.

^ Torque the bolts to 23.5 Nm (2.4 kg-m, 17.3 ft-lb).

14. Reattach the wiper arm caps.