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Below is a collection of Jim Grant's Tech Tips sorted by Vehicle Make. These Tech Tips were answers to questions submitted to Jim by users over the course of many years.
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Lincoln - Mercury
  Jim Grant's Tech Tips

'00 Dodge Intrepid, Code Descriptions

Q: I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid and the emission light came on. I have two P codes that showed up when I turned the ignition three times P0442 and P1684. I called the dealer and they said they would have to run it on the computer and get the codes. Is this true because I have the codes? If it is not true could you tell me what the codes mean, or what I should do in this situation. I don't want to pay for a diagnostic tests if it is unnecessary.

- Jamie

A: Pretty impressive information for just key cycling for codes. The code P1684 is real easy. The computer is stating that the battery has been disconnected within the last 50 starts. the other code P0442 is a challenge. This code means that the computer has detected an evaporative leak of medium size of about .040 but no bigger than .080 of an inch. The most common cause for this code is a loose gas cap. If the gas cap is tight then it just may be that the gas cap is bad/defective and not sealing properly. Until the problem is found no matter how many times you disconnect the battery (code P1684) to clear the computer the check engine light will turn back on for code P1684. One other note, the ALLDATA Information System shows several safety recalls that may pertain to your vehicle. The next time you call the dealer give them your vehicle identification number to be sure that these safety recall recalls that apply have been performed on your vehicle. Safety recalls are performed at no cost to the vehicle owner and you do not have to be the original owner to have safety recall work performed.

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