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'93 Toyota Corolla, Water Pump Replacement

Q: I've been trying to change the water pump on my '93 Toyota Corolla 1.6. I need some guidance (expert) on how to take it out. I know a little mechanics and I can do it myself. Do I need to take out the front motor mount? Any help.

- Antonio J.

A: As simple as the Toyota Corolla's engine is, changing the water pump is not as straight forward as it sounds. If it is your first time into a project of this type I'll make the suggestion. I don't mean to make this sound like a product add but you really need to get a personal subscription to ALLDATA's do it yourself on line service. It is small in price for the level of information you get. It has the same factory illustrations and step by step procedures that we use at the professional level, but it just for your car. Repairing today's vehicles is more about information. Even before I answered your question I checked to see what is involved. If you're going to do it yourself the must have tool for your tool box is information.

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