Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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  Vehicle Emission Control Information  

Vehicle Emission Control Information


Each vehicle has a decal (Figure 1) containing emission control information that applies specifically to the vehicle and engine. The specifications on the decal are critical to servicing emissions Systems.

Typical Vehicle Emission Control Information Decal

Decal Location

Typical location of the decal will be on the underside of the hood or the radiator support sight shield.

Powertrain Base Calibration Information

Powertrain Base Calibration Information is located in the lower right corner of the Vehicle Certification Label. Only the Base Calibration will appear on this label (Figure 2). The Revision Level is no longer printed on the label; however, it can be found in On-Line Automotive Service Information System (OASIS) . For the current model year Ford Motor Company is using two different Protocols which describe Powertrain Base Calibration. The Protocols are designed to provide worldwide standardization for vehicle calibration. If Electronic Engine Control (EC) 's strategy is two years old and carried over to the current model year, Protocol 1 is used (see table 1). One year old and new strategies for the current model year use Protocol 2 (see table 2). For more information on Vehicle Certification Label or Powertrain Calibration, refer to the appropriate vehicle Systems.

Typical Vehicle Certification Label With Powertrain Calibration Information

Decal Location

Typical location of Vehicle Certification label is on LH door or door post pillar.

Calibration Code

Protocol 1

Protocol 2