Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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  Glossary of Terms  

Secondary Air Bag Warning
The secondary air bag warning is an audible fault format that consists of five sets of five tone bursts, with each set of five tone bursts separated by a five second quiet period. One tone burst cycle will consist of one second ON and one second OFF. This series of five activations is repeated every 30 minutes .

Air Bag/Pretensioner Restraint System Diagnostic Tools
Air bag/pretensioner restraint system diagnostic tools are used to simulate the equivalent resistance of an air bag module or safety belt pretensioner during certain diagnostic procedures.

Disconnect the Component
Disconnect the component means disconnect the component vehicle harness connector. It does not mean remove the component. Do not reconnect a disconnected component unless instructed to do so.

Deactivate the System
Deactivate the system means to carry out a deactivation procedure. For additional information, refer to Deactivation Procedures. See: Testing and Inspection\Component Tests and General Diagnostics\Deactivation Procedures

Prove Out the System
Prove out the system means to turn the ignition switch from the OFF to the RUN position and visually monitor the air bag indicator with the air bag modules and safety belt pretensioners or restraint system diagnostic tools installed. For additional information, refer to Prove Out Procedure. See: Testing and Inspection\Initial Inspection and Diagnostic Overview\Prove Out Procedure

Reactivate the System
Reactivate the system means to carry out the reactivation procedure. For additional information, refer to Reactivation Procedure. See: Testing and Inspection\Component Tests and General Diagnostics\Reactivation Procedures

Reconnect the System
Reconnect the system means to reconnect all system components. For additional information, refer to Air Bag System Reconnect Checklist.

Install a New Component
Install a new component means to remove the existing component and install a new authorized part obtained from Ford Customer Service Division.

Verify the System
Verify the system means to prove out the system with restraint system diagnostic tools installed in place of the SRS components.

Air Bag Reconnect Checklist
The checklist below should be completed following diagnosis or repair of any air bag system concern:

  • All restraint system diagnostic tools removed?
  • Driver air bag connector at base of steering column connected?
  • All air bag modules connected?
  • air bag Electronic Crash Sensor (ECS) module connected?
  • Battery connected?