Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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  Service and Repair  
  1. Inspect the sensor wiring and the wiring harness for any damage that may have occurred as a result of the accident. Replace, as required, any damaged:
    • wiring.
    • insulation.
    • terminal.
    • connectors.
  1. Repair splices.


  • If splices are required in adjacent wiring, stagger the splices 51 mm (2 inches) apart from each other.
  • Use a waterproof butt-splice connector on any exposed wiring.
  • A heat shrink nylon splice prevents water, salt, condensation, and heat from affecting the wiring service.
  • The inner wall of the splice connector is lined with an adhesive that melts when heated with a heat gun and flows under pressure from the tubing, sealing the splice.
  • The connectors can be crimped with a standard insulated connector crimping tool.
  • The splices are color coded for gauge identification and are transparent to allow inspection of the finished splice.