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  Interior, A/C - Removal Of Center Ventilator Grilles  

Classification: BT09-015

Reference: NTB09-037

Date: May 7, 2009

2007-2009 ALTIMA;

APPLIED VEHICLES: 2007-09 Altima (L32, C132, & L32HV)
Sedan, Coupe, & Hybrid



If the Center Ventilator Grilles (see Figure 1) need to be removed for any reason, follow the steps outlined in the SERVICE PROCEDURE.

Use a plastic trim tool from Essential Tool Set J-46534 (sent out to dealers May 2003) or equivalent suitable tool for this procedure.

Use a trim tool with a wide blade.

Do not use a metal tool i.e., screwdriver, spatula, etc.


Essential Trim Tool Set J-46534



1. Place a suitable trim tool on the upper point at the middle of the center ventilator grilles (grilles) as seen in Figure 2.

If utilizing the Essential Trim Tool Kit, use the one recommended above.

Do not use a metal tool i.e., screwdriver, spatula, etc.


2. Insert the trim tool until it contacts (bottoms out) on top of the duct (see Figure 3).

^ Make sure the tool is in front of the instrument panel skin and substrate (see Figure 3).


3. Pull the trim tool rearward (away from the windshield) to start removing the grilles (see Figure 4).


4. Carefully pull evenly on the grilles until you are sure all A and B clips are completely un-clipped (see Figure 5).


5. Remove the grilles by continuing to pull evenly on both sides (see Figure 6).


6. Before re-installation, be sure that the face plate C clips and ducts of the grilles are properly secured together (see Figure 7).


7. Push evenly and straight in on the grilles (see Figure 8).

^ Make sure all clips are completely secured by checking for gaps.