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  Precaution For Service Equipment  


Precaution for Service Equipment

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for machine operation and machine maintenance. Never introduce any refrigerant other than that specified into the machine.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for tester operation and tester maintenance.

The oil contained inside the vacuum pump is not compatible with the specified oil for HFC-134a (R-134a) A/C systems. The vent side of the vacuum pump is exposed to atmospheric pressure so the vacuum pump oil may migrate out of the pump into the service hose.
This is possible when the pump is switched off after evacuation (vacuuming) and hose is connected to it.
To prevent this migration, use a manual valve situated near the hose-to-pump connection, as follows.

  • Usually vacuum pumps have a manual isolator valve as part of the pump. Close this valve to isolate the service hose from the pump.
  • For pumps without an isolator, use a hose equipped with a manual shut-off valve near the pump end. Close the valve to isolate the hose from the pump.


  • If the hose has an automatic shut off valve, disconnect the hose from the pump: as long as the hose is connected, the valve is open and lubricating oil may migrate. Some one-way valves open when vacuum is applied and close under a no vacuum condition. Such valves may restrict the pump's ability to pull a deep vacuum and are not recommended.

Be certain that the gauge face indicates R-134a or 134a. Make sure the gauge set has 1/2"-16 ACME threaded connections for service hoses. Confirm the set has been used only with refrigerant HFC-134a (R-134a) along with specified oil.


Be certain that the service hoses display the markings described
(colored hose with black stripe). All hoses must include positive shutoff devices (either manual or automatic) near the end of the hoses opposite the manifold gauge.


Never attempt to connect HFC-134a (R-134a) service couplers to a
CFC-12 (R-12) A/C system. The HFC-134a (R-134a) couplers will not properly connect to the CFC-12 (R-12) system. However, if an improper connection is attempted, discharging and contamination may occur.



Verify that no refrigerant other than HFC134a (R-134a) and specified oils have been used with the scale. If the scale controls refrigerant flow electronically, the hose fitting must be 1/2"-16 ACME.


Using a charging cylinder is not recommended. Refrigerant may be vented into air from cylinder's top valve when filling the cylinder with refrigerant. Also, the accuracy of the cylinder is generally less than that of an electronic scale or of quality recycle/recharge equipment.