Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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  General Precautions For Service Operations  


General precautions for service operations


  • Never work with wet hands.
  • The xenon headlamp system includes a high voltage generating part. Be sure to disconnect battery negative cable (negative terminal) or power fuse before removing, installing, or touching the xenon headlamp (including lamp bulb).
  • Turn the lighting switch OFF before disconnecting and connecting the connector.
  • When turning the xenon headlamp on and while it is illuminated, never touch the harness, bulb, and socket of the headlamp.
  • When checking the headlamp on/off operation, check it on vehicle and with the power connected to the vehicle-side connector.
  • Do not touch the headlamp bulb glass surface with bare hands or allow oil or grease to get on it. Do not touch the headlamp bulb just after the headlamp is turned off, because it is very hot.


  • Install the xenon headlamp bulb socket correctly. If it is installed improperly, high-voltage leak or corona discharge may occur that can melt the bulb, connector, and housing. Do not illuminate the xenon headlamp bulb out of the headlamp housing. Doing so can cause fire and harm your eyes.
  • When the bulb has burned out, wrap it in a thick vinyl bag and discard. Do not break the bulb.
  • Leaving the bulb removed from the headlamp housing for a long period of time can deteriorate the performance of the lens and reflector (dirt, clouding). Always prepare a new bulb and have it on hand when replacing the bulb.
  • When adjusting the headlamp aiming, turn the aiming adjustment screw only in the tightening direction. (If it is necessary to loosen the screw, first fully loosen the screw, and then turn it in the tightening direction.)
  • Do not use organic solvent (paint thinner or gasoline) to clean lamps and to remove old sealant.