Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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  Precautions For Xenon Headlamp Service  


Precautions For Xenon Headlamp Service

Comply with the following warnings to prevent any serious accident.

  • Disconnect the battery cable (negative terminal) or the power supply fuse before installing, removing, or touching the xenon headlamp (bulb included). The xenon headlamp contains high-voltage generated parts.
  • Never work with wet hands.
  • Check the xenon headlamp ON-OFF status after assembling it to the vehicle. Never turn the xenon headlamp ON in other conditions. Connect the power supply to the vehicle-side connector. (Turning it ON outside the lamp case may cause fire or visual impairments.)
  • Never touch the bulb glass immediately after turning it OFF. It is extremely hot.

Comply with the following cautions to prevent any error and malfunction.

  • Install the xenon bulb securely. (Insufficient bulb socket installation may melt the bulb, the connector, the housing, etc. by high-voltage leakage or corona discharge.)
  • Never perform HID circuit Inspection with a tester.
  • Never touch the xenon bulb glass with hands. Never put oil and grease on it.
  • Dispose of the used xenon bulb after packing it in thick vinyl without breaking it.
  • Never wipe out dirt and contamination with organic solvent (thinner, gasoline, etc.).